A hot-button topic since the start of the digital age as we know it has been music sharing. We all remember when Napster went to court several years back, or even when we got that pesky email from ITS last week telling us to stop the illegal downloading. The issue is ownership over intellectual property—shouldn’t artists be receiving royalties on the music that is rightfully theirs?

I think that people who are the rightful owners of their intellectual property should definitely be compensated somehow; but I also believe that file sharing is an appropriate use of the internet and aids in the dissemination of information or media in ways that can only be helpful to aspiring music artists. I look at what some bands like Radiohead have done—they offered their album In Rainbows for download from their own website for a donation of the downloader’s choice—and I while I know that they can afford this because they are well-paid and famous—I think other artists could take a page from their book. Their impetus is to distribute their art to whoever wants it, regardless of privilege associated with the ability to afford a $9.99 album download from Itunes. After all, shouldn’t it ultimately be about the music and not the money?